Acknowledge What Was What Is What Will Be 

Create custom ceremonies to acknowledge the visible and invisible moments and milestones surrounding birth & death.  

Ceremony sets the tone for each act and word being aligned with what one truly is, what one wants to be, and the world in which one wants to live.

Charles Eisenstein

What We do

We’re reimagining the role ceremony and ritual can play in our modern world, especially when it comes to how we live and die. Our vision is to make ceremony and ritual more accessible and easy to navigate for anyone who wants to acknowledge a moment of change or time of transition in their life with intention. 

Why Ceremony

We believe a ceremony should connect us to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us. Almost all rituals can be traced back to the essential elements of earth, water, air, and fire. We also look to the senses to create a shared experience that tells a story. Storytelling is how we remember, how we connect, and how we process change; it’s also how we create new stories as we move forward. 

The Elements​

Look to the world around you to create accessible, nature-inspired rituals.

The Senses

Tap into the five senses to make a ceremony experience more tangible.

The Stories

Weave together meaningful memories, current stories, and wishes for the future.

Who You Are

~ You’re curious about ways to introduce ritual and ceremony into your life. 

~ You’re looking for support surrounding a moment of change or time of transition. 

~ You’re interested in drawing attention to the less visible moments and milestones surrounding birth & death.

For Personal

For Individuals & Families

Create ceremonies for yourself and your family to acknowledge moment of changes or time of transitions.

For Business

For Care Providers & Small Businesses

Create ceremonies for your patients and clients, helping them acknowledge times of change in their lives.